Evelyn’s Cradle a.k.a. EC
is a Trio of musicians (Folker,Ron and Paul) with a passion and Love for Rock,Latin and Metal grooves.
Each of the members have their own strengths in composing the music in a Way they think is suited for the Band.
3 Visions with only 1 thing in mind, Making the best music they like. 
Folker Balk Corea Torres, Ron Waaleman Bruijnzeel and Paul Polfliet are the core of this machine called Evelyn’s Cradle.

EC originated back in 2008 during the recordings for the album Partners In Time.
In corporation with Canadian producer Tim Greencorn from the Little chicago Studios and Frankie Biggz as a co-producer and drummer on the album. 

In 2011 they recorded 2 songs (along with Willem Rijn longtime drummer) in the Avalanche studio with Willy Berrevoets entitled Subdimensions and Safe with you.

In 2013 The band recorded another single entitled 24 Seven which was remastered in 2014 by the online mixing engineer jeffro lackscheide.
The mix was such a big difference that the band deceided to re-release the single with a new videoclip of the song too.

In Early 2016 EC released their latest single East & West with Willem Rijn behind the drumkit. The band departed with Willem with mutual respect.

Since early 2018 EC is busy with writing new material.  This let up to a song count of around 12 new songs towards the end of 2020.
Now it’s time to get the music to the masses.