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Touch of my Eyes Live@De Piek Vlissingen

Song:Touch of my eyes
DateMay 19, 2016

Evelyn's Cradle (EC) Live performance of the song Touch of my eyes in De Piek, Vlissingen.

Coney Island Live@De Piek Vlissingen

Song:Coney Island
Date:April 24, 2016

Evelyn's Cradle (EC) Live performance of the song Coney Island in De Piek, Vlissingen.

24Seven (Official Videoclip)

Date:Janaury 3, 2015

The Official videoclip for our single 24Seven

  • project 1

    Touch of my eyes

    Live @De Piek Vlissingen

  • project 2

    Coney Island

    Live @De Piek Vlissingen

  • project 3


    Official Videoclip

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Download our latest single now on Amazon , Itunes or Spotify. East & West is the follow up for the latest single 24Seven and is the first single of the upcomming EP entitled No one knows.


Come and see EC with their brothers from Kabuki @ Porgy & Bess Terneuzen.


EC and Kabuki will join forces together to promote both their upcomming/new EP. The kick off will start on Saturday the 13th of Februar 2016 in De Piek. more info on this event soon or follow us also on Bands in Town.


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Who We Are?

team 1

Folker Blak Corea Torres


Folker started as a drummer first, after 2 weeks he gave up the drumsticks and started playing bassguitar. Even though he liked playing the bass first, Folker got more and more attracted to the sound of the guitar. So he switched one last time from bass to guitar and plays the guitar now for almost 12 years. Folker grew up with influences from Staind to Steve Vai and South American music. Folker has a varied music taste from Salsa to Spanish to even Metal. Folker likes to play music and to entertain people with it.

team 1

Ron Waaleman Bruijnzeel


Ron has played his musical parts in many rock bands before, several times on bass and singing. Some well known Dutch bands where Ron was part of are Carthago (late seventies) and Trigger (early eighties). But from the day that Evelyn"s Cradle found its roots, He became the band's frontman on Bass and vocals. He has written all music for the band and the most part of the lyrics. One band in particulair was a big influence to him personally but most of all musicly and that band is RUSH.

team 1

Willem Rijn


Willem had his first gig at the age of 15, since then he played in several bands playing different types of music from symphonic rock to pop to blues to funk to acidjazz and even hiphop. It was last year (2009) when Ron heard Willem play and asked Willem to play the drums for EC. Willem's drumparts are one of a kind and therefore a force to be reckoned with when playing with EC.


EC found it's origin back in 2008 during the recordings for the album Partners In Time in corporation with Canadian producer Tim Greencorn from the Little chicago Studios and Frankie Biggz as a co-producer and drummer on the album. 

After departure from Sarah on Bass, Ron started to search for new bandmembers after a lot of strugling and again some bandformation changes, He refound his music and hapiness with Willem on drums and Folker on guitar. From here they started as a trisome to lay down again the basics of being a band.
Ron decided to handle the bass from now on, as he always did in his previous bands.

In 2011 they recorded 2 songs in the Avalanche studio with Willy Berrevoets entitled Subdimensions and Safe with you.

In 2013 The band recorded another single entitled 24 Seven which was remastered in 2014 by the online mixing engineer jeffro lackscheide. The mix was such a big difference that the band deceided to re-release the single with a new videoclip of the song too.

In Early 2016 EC released their latest single East & West as a kick off for their yet to be released EP: No one knows.
At the moment of writing the band is busy with some new songs/recordings.

The Cradle is back on full force and stronger then ever before. 


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